SABS Approval & Material Safety

DIESELFIX has been submitted for testing at the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and proved to conform to the specifications of SANS342, the national standard for automotive diesel fuel, as it was designed to do.

It has also been tested in Australia, where it conforms to AS 3570, their standard for Diesel fuel.

In Haifa, Israel, it was tested against the requirements of EN 590, the European diesel standard. Again, as was its design criteria, DIESELFIX proved to conform.

Material Safety Data Sheet

In accordance with ISO 11014-1 we have compiled an Material Safety Data Sheet with all the :-

1. Product & Company Information,
2. Emergency Information,
3. Product Composition,
4. Hazard identification,
5. First Aid Measures,
6. Fire Fighting Measures,
7. Accidental Release Measures,
8. Handling & Storage,
9. Exposure Controls & Personal Protection,
10. Physical & Chemical Properties,
11. Stability & Reactivity,
12. Toxicological Information,
13. Ecological Information,
14. Disposal Consideration,
15. Transport Information and
16. Regulatory Information

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