SABS Approval & Material Safety

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DIESELFIX has been submitted for testing at the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and proved to conform to the specifications of SANS342, the national standard for automotive diesel fuel, as it was designed to do. It has also been tested in Australia, where it conforms to AS 3570, their standard for Diesel fuel. In Haifa, Israel, it was […]

Questions & Answers

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What is Dieselfix? Dieselfix is a formulation of non-hydrocarbon liquids that conforms to the specifications of diesel fuel. In other words it is generic diesel fuel. This means that it is totally compatible with petroleum diesel and does not alter the fuel in any way. It has, however, unique chemical properties that eliminate the undesirable characteristics of diesel […]

Fuel Management – Dieselfix

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Sasol Oil (Pty) Ltd. issues a brochure on “Diesel Fuel Quality Management and Storage for all Diesel Retailers, Farmers and Commercial Fleet Operators”. The front page states: “Today, a large number of oil company clients have diesel storage tanks situated on their property and many are unaware that when fuel has been delivered into the […]