Technical Data & Information

Diesel fuel – A  generic term that applies to any fuel that can safely be used in a Diesel engine. 

Additive – A chemical that alters the characteristics of fuel. 

DIESELFIX conforms to the requirements of Diesel fuel standards Worldwide . 

DIESELFIX is designed to cause no alteration of fuel characteristics in any way. It works by altering the characteristics of contaminants  found in all standard diesel fuel. 

DIESELFIX, therefore, does not qualify as an “additive ” but is a  generic diesel fuel in the strictest terms of the definitions. 

DIESELFIX conforms to the fuel requirements of all diesel equipment manufacturers,  thus cannot produce any rational objection to its use in equipment manufactured by them.

Winter brings its own set of water problems to Diesel .

Just because we’re out of the hot and humid months doesn’t mean water problems go away .

Water freezes in Diesel fuel when the temperature gets colder.

This is true more so in small systems (i.e actual engine fuel systems) than in storage tanks , but that’s precisely why the problem is serious – it appears in the place where the fuel is actually being used .

Most Diesel users have encountered freeze (waxing) problems at some point ,  whether it’s frozen in the fuel line or , more commonly , frozen water in the filter and in the watertrap . The only way to keep this from happening is to control the water before it gets to freezing temperature.

Diesel treated with DIESELFIX will tolerate up to -16°c before it freezes (waxes)


DIESELFIX and PETROLFIX are a 100% organic product and Proudly South African. See the Diesel Fuel Management documentation here!

SABS Approval & MSDS

DIESELFIX was tested by the SABS and we received a Report No 2136/Q442. The DIESELFIX MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET is also available here. See copies of the certification and MSDS here!

Technical Q & A

What is DIESELFIX and HOW does it work? All your question addressed in this one document.