Fuel Management – Petrolfix

Produces best results through eradicating the water content of petrol/gasoline.

All of our petrol has ethanol (alcohol) blended with it.

Al hydrocarbon (petroleum) fuels are hygroscopic so they absorb humidity from air. This is a continuous process so water-content increases with time.

Initially water will remain in molecular state, identical to humidity in air. As the level increases, water molecules will drift together and cohere, thus beginning the formation of suspended water. This is microscopic droplets (particles) of liquid water that remain adrift in the petrol identical to mist or cloud in air.

Being liquid within liquid, it is still invisible.

The biggest problem caused by water is that it causes separation of ethanol from petrol. This creates varying mixtures of petrol and ethanol (Ethanol separates from petrol when a mixture of 6% water and 94% ethanol is formed)

This plays havoc with combustion within the engine.

By changing water into a completely different fluid that becomes fuel soluble and burns. This eradicates all of the undesirable characteristics and effects of water.

This, when fuel level in a tank is low, the high ethanol content changes the combustion characteristics of the fuel and engines can splutter and misfire and fuel consumption rises dramatically.

With Petrolfix in the mixture, the fuel performs normally throughout the body of fuel, not only saving fuel but also reducing engine wear and other contaminant damage.