About Dieselfix and Petrolfix

The developer and manufacturer of DIESELFIX, David Potts, became Fleet Manager of 28 horse/interlink combinations in 1988. Operating from Vulcania, East of Johannesburg, they carried goods to Malawi, Zambia and the DRC then Zaire.

The trucks were refilling fuel tanks en route and were experiencing breakdowns on an inordinate frequency due to blocked fuel filters. The first attempt to solve the problem was to install a 1600-litre long range tank behind the cabs of the trucks. Each truck could then  carry 2600 litres of fuel so that they could complete their return trips without refuelling

Over the years Dave Potts has performed manier tests with the use of DIESELFIX. All results passed with flying colours and the product DIESELFIX was given SABS Approval from Waterkloof Airbase Pretoria.

Potts had 4 years experience in the Mining and 14 years experience as a Wildlife Manager. On the Gold Mines he learned a great deal about chemistry and a close friend of his had a factory producing water-based degreasers, so he learned (unwittingly at the time) a lot about how NOT to tackle the problem of water-content of diesel fuel.